Based on the business database of Blockshine Communication and global partners, linking authoritative data sources from the Internet, outputting  economic analysis of the industry and blockchain, as well as insightful data reports of technology industry enterprises will be provided to users after analysis, integration and Depth Analysis. Covering the following professional data reporting products and services.

Blockchain KNOWHOW

We design and develop blockchain infrastructure that fits your business character. We also help you plan management solutions for your projects.

Using data from Blockshine Communication and our global partners as a foundation, along with reliable data sources from the Internet, we shift through the noise to generate comprehensive overviews, analysis and data reports of the industry for our clients.

Crypotocurrency Exchange

Leveraging our experience in operating cryptocurrency exchanges and venture building, we provide bespoke business models and capital-raising solutions. We customize internal control and management solutions for your projects through our established marketing team and strategic partners.


Creation of highly recognisable character designs for each cryptocurrency, and multi- faceted distribution via multimedia communications. A new way of differentiating among your competitors. Examples: hand-drawn designs, animations and multi-linguistic video.


Organise meetings with top-notch networks of potential sponsors, consultants and clients for your project roadshow. Through our numerous media partners, we provide high quality online and offline advertising and marketing channels. Examples: full-length animations, short info-commercials and live-streaming, all using your dedicated IP designs.
Blockshine Events

Blockchain Events organise a range of worldwide industry events annually. Through active cooperation with Governments, Ministries of Education, Research and Technology Institutions, Business and Enterprising teams, and Incubators, we explore the future- changing possibilities of blockchain technology.

Art × Tech

Through the art and multimedia interactive devices to allow the public be aware of science and technology, using diverse forms of art to record the era of science and technology. With the use of new ideas, new technologies and new forms to connect people with space, information and things. Through the perfect combination of art and science and technology, we will be able to promote the interaction between people and space, creating extraordinary experiences and achieving all-around and multi-sensory information dissemination in a diversified manifestation, which reflects the cultural as well as commercial values more effectively.


The science and technology summit that shows original scientific research and technological innovations aims to build a highly industrial innovation efficient platform, for Sci-Tech corporations, research institutes and institutions of higher learning. The summit encourages domestic and foreign institutions to exhibit unique core technologies that have independent intellectual property rights, Through the original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of technology in innovation and other means to promote the transformation of blockchain technology to productivity.


A website aimed to provide news for those who are interested in cryptocurrency and related areas. They keep an eye on the newest update on cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins and Blockchain, Mining, ICO as well as industry analysis, having constant highly well-rounded concerns to relevant professional information. Viewers are able to know the latest news of value. Recent Tweets and cryptocurrency’s market price can also be seen on this website.   – More information –
A cryptocurrency epicenter is combined a rich base of enthusiasts and investors. Aiming to achieve the goal of revolutionizing the way to invest in and develop blockchain technology. With the open and transparent of cryptocurrency epicenter , all users can have an access point of cryptocurrency.Coin merit wishes to turn towards democratic means and encourage the creation of content — regardless of origin — that benefits the entire crypto-community.   – More information –
A free resource to provide those who are interested in blockchain technology with readable use cases related to blockchain application in various areas. They keep paying attention to the newest update on blockchain technology, collecting information from news, research papers and other resources in order to allow viewers to learn better about this powerful technology.   – More information –