Blockshine was founded in 2017 by Layla Dong, CEO of Blockshine Technology Corporation and WEF Global Shaper since 2013. Blockshine is a world-leading, transnational, and diversified blockchain services firm dedicated to driving social change by building a more diverse and fair future through enabling peer to peer collaboration via blockchain.

Blockshine has been a key player globally in building out the blockchain ecosystem. We have a well-rounded and profitable business with over a 150+ developer team that has built over 30 of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges, listed over 10% of the world’s tokens. We also provide compliance and regulatory consulting for both corporates and government (which is becoming an increasing focus area for the market), and in partnership with governments and other worldwide strategic partners, we have launched educational NFP Blockchain Centre in 13 cities and over 10 countries. This helps us to educate children and up skill a workforce, stay at the cutting edge of technology, engage regulators, and build community for our projects. More recently we launched our world class custody business which we are very excited about and is growing rapidly. As of today we already custody over US$500mn worth of assets. We are also building out an asset management arm.

The next phase is to build on our existing business foundations and grow into a global diversified financial services firm, one that provides a full ecosystem approach to the blockchain industry - not only technology solutions but grow our secure custody, exchange, trading, advisory (i.e. prime services), as well as education and building community.

Our Leadership

“ The transition from Internet to Blockchain represents the change from information exchange to a peer-to-peer exchange of values.” -Layla Dong, CEO & Founder of Blockshine.

Layla Dong, Founder and CEO

Layla Dong is the Founder and CEO of Blockshine Technology, an all-in-one Blockchain solutions company established in 2017. Currently, Blockshine has provided business consulting and technology services to over 30 Blockchain startups. As a board member of Blockchain Centre, the world’s first non-profit education and knowledge hub, Ms. Dong has succeeded to promote the global engagement of Blockchain Centre. Additionally, she has served as the Foundation Board Member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Foundation since 2016.

Akasaka Keiji, CEO of Blockshine Japan

Mr. Akasaka has many years experience in financial markets and dealing with Japan’s regulators. Before joining Blockshine, Mr. Akasaka served as a director at Mitsubishi UFJ Bank in 1987. He joined PwC in 2010, engaged in investment, value-up, capital gain schemes, IPO support activities in Japan and Hong Kong, cross-border M & A business etc.

Arnab Sen, Board Member

Mr Sen is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Harbour Capital Management, a fully licensed and regulated investment firm based in Hong Kong which has a bias to socially responsible investments. Mr. Sen has over 20 years investment experience ranging from cash and derivatives trading to early stage investing, helping to grow multiple companies from 50mn market cap to 1bn+ exits. Prior to Harbour, Mr. Sen worked as a Portfolio Manager at Nezu (a Tiger Cub seeded by Julian Robertson); HSZ Group, a US$1BN+ Fund managing LO and L/S; and UBS in London and Hong Kong as a Proprietary Trader. Mr. Sen graduated from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, where he read Economics.

Nicholas Studholme-Wilson, Board Member

Nicholas Studholme-Wilson has over 20 years experience in financial markets, as an investment manager and technology analyst. He has managed licensed businesses in the UK and Hong Kong and is highly knowledgeable about their financial regulations. He is currently Chief Operating Officer for Richlink Capital, prior to that he managed the Pan-Asian hedge fund for TT International.

Our Advisory Board

Rajesh Melwani

Rajesh Melwani has over 20 years’ experience in Financial markets, focused on Equity Derivatives in both Sales & Trading functions across the Asia Pacific region. He was Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch & UBS where he managed a variety of Regional teams & covered some of the largest Asset Managers, SWF & Hedge Funds. He developed Key Relationships, established new revenue and growth opportunities & recruited new talent. He is currently Head of Business Development at Harbour Capital Management a fully licensed & regulated firm based in HK. Rajesh graduated from the University of Manchester in the UK with a Bachelors in Finance

Stephen Rooney

Mr. Rooney is the founder and principal of Niktara Limited,an independent directorship and consulting company. He has over twenty years of financial services experience. In particular, he has a deep understanding of governance, business structuring and operational risk. Mr. Rooney was the Business Manager of Tudor Investment Corporations Asian businesses from 2004 through 2013 and served as a member on various global committees including the Operating Committee. During Mr. Rooney’s nine year tenure at Tudor, he oversaw the establishment of offices in Singapore, Sydney and Beijing. Mr. Rooney’s previous experience includes being a Business Manager within the fixed income division of Credit Suisse in Singapore, and in corporate treasury and project roles with UBS in London. Mr. Rooney is a Chartered Accountant, having qualified while at Ward Wilson & Partners, an associate firm of KPMG in New Zealand. Mr. Rooney is Licensed as a Professional Director with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Otago University. Mr. Rooney is a member of AIMA Singapore’s National Board, where he has also served as Vice Chairman.

Greg Griffin

Mr. Griffin is part of the Senior Management Team and Head Quant at Eclipse Options, one of Asia’s leading derivatives proprietary trading firms. He helped grow the firm from a handful of people to nearly 100 today. Eclipse trades pan Asia and has a daily notional turnover of several billion USD. He has about 25 years of experience in financial markets, mainly in options market making and derivatives proprietary trading. His career spans quant, trading, and IT roles with experience in USA, Europe, and Asia. Prior to Eclipse, Mr Griffin was a director at Morgan Stanley running the Asian Automated Market Making (AMM) business and sat on it's global management team. He was also a trader and quant at Hull Trading, later acquired by Goldman Sachs. Mr. Griffin has a BS and MS in physics.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global. Under his vision and leadership, the company has invested more than $300 million in 80 blockchain-enabled companies and projects. Through its offices in Australia, the U.S., Malaysia, China, Switzerland and Japan. Blockchain Global has invested and helped develop a myriad of publicly listed companies, such as First Growth Funds (ASX: FGF),DigitalX (ASX: DCC),Path Corporation (TYO: 3840). In 2014, Mr. Lee founded Blockchain Centre, the world’s first non-profit innovation hub dedicated to promoting blockchain education and awareness. Blockchain Centre has partnered with relevant government stakeholders in Australia, China, Russia, Lithuania, the U.S. and UAE; leading to the establishment of physical blockchain technology knowledge hubs across a footprint of 10 cities.

Henrich Zetlmayer

Dr. Ing. Heinrich Zetlmayer serves as Founder & General Partner at Blockchain Valley Ventures. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Turtle Entertainment GmbH. He was also Co-CEO of Turtle Entertainment for many years. He has extensive operational and strategic experience in growth and turnaround situations of large and small companies. Previously, Dr. Ing. Heinrich was a member of IBM’s Executive Board in Switzerland and Vice President and Country Leader of IBM Global Business Services. Prior to this he held several senior positions within IBM Global Business Services, including leading IBM’s Supply Chain and Operations Services in EMEA. Before IBM, Dr. Ing. Heinrich was a Senior Partner at Arthur D. Little, leading their Global Operations Practice. He is a Board Member of Lykke Corp. Dr. Ing. Heinrich holds a doctorate in automation from the Technical University in Munich.