Blockshine is a diversified, multinational, blockchain solutions provider whose principle is one of using blockchain to build trust and reduce global inequality. Founded by Layla Dong in 2017 (CEO and WEF Global Shaper), Blockshine is dedicated to using blockchain to create a more efficient society, reducing the cost of trust and revolutionizing the way businesses operate, shifting the world from one of “information exchange” to one of “value exchange”.

Blockshine is unique as the only provider of full end to end blockchain solutions - from consulting; to providing the technology solution; to finally providing the investment services that the industry lacks ie experienced issuance, trading and secure custody. We have been a key player in building out the global ecosystem – having built over 30 of the world’s exchanges, listed over 10% of the world’s tokens, done compliance and regulatory consulting for both corporates and government; and more recently launching our secure custody business which, as of today, already custody’s over US$500mn worth of assets. To date the company has provided blockchain consulting and technology implementation to over 50 clients, including governments and large multi-national corporations, directly and indirectly serving more than 500,000 customers.

Blockshine also promotes blockchain education on a global scale; through the world’s first network of not for profit Blockchain Centres. On top of the very visible global social impact, this network is another key point of difference for the company empowering us to create relationships with governments, regulators, and strategic organizations; build community and stay at the cutting edge of the industry. Currently Blockshine has established Centres in 12 countries and 15 cities in partnership with governments and large corporates, with more than 50,000 people worldwide attending our courses.

Our Leadership

“ The transition from Internet to Blockchain represents the change from information exchange to a peer-to-peer exchange of values.” -Layla Dong, CEO & Founder of Blockshine.

Layla Dong, Founder and CEO

Layla Dong is the Founder and CEO of Blockshine Technology, an all-in-one Blockchain solutions company established in 2017. Currently, Blockshine has provided business consulting and technology services to over 30 Blockchain startups. As a board member of Blockchain Centre, the world’s first non-profit education and knowledge hub, Ms. Dong has succeeded to promote the global engagement of Blockchain Centre. Additionally, she has served as the Foundation Board Member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Foundation since 2016.

Akasaka Keiji, CEO of Blockshine Japan

Mr. Akasaka has many years experience in financial markets and dealing with Japan’s regulators. Before joining Blockshine, Mr. Akasaka served as a director at Mitsubishi UFJ Bank in 1987. He joined PwC in 2010, engaged in investment, value-up, capital gain schemes, IPO support activities in Japan and Hong Kong, cross-border M & A business etc.

Our Advisory Board

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global. Under his vision and leadership, the company has raised more than $300 million for 80 blockchain-enabled companies and projects. Through its offices in Australia, the U.S., Malaysia, China, Switzerland and Japan. Blockchain Global has invested and helped develop a myriad of publicly listed companies, such as First Growth Funds (ASX: FGF),DigitalX (ASX: DCC),Path Corporation (TYO: 3840). In 2014, Mr. Lee founded Blockchain Centre, the world’s first non-profit innovation hub dedicated to promoting blockchain education and awareness. Blockchain Centre has partnered with relevant government stakeholders in Australia, China, Russia, Lithuania, the U.S. and UAE; leading to the establishment of physical blockchain technology knowledge hubs across a footprint of 10 cities.

Heinrich Zetlmayer

Dr. Ing. Heinrich Zetlmayer serves as Founder & General Partner at Blockchain Valley Ventures. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Turtle Entertainment GmbH. He was also Co-CEO of Turtle Entertainment for many years. He has extensive operational and strategic experience in growth and turnaround situations of large and small companies. Previously, Dr. Ing. Heinrich was a member of IBM’s Executive Board in Switzerland and Vice President and Country Leader of IBM Global Business Services. Prior to this he held several senior positions within IBM Global Business Services, including leading IBM’s Supply Chain and Operations Services in EMEA. Before IBM, Dr. Ing. Heinrich was a Senior Partner at Arthur D. Little, leading their Global Operations Practice. He is a Board Member of Lykke Corp. Dr. Ing. Heinrich holds a doctorate in automation from the Technical University in Munich.

Nicholas Studholme-Wilson, Board Member

Nicholas Studholme-Wilson has over 20 years experience in financial markets, as an investment manager and technology analyst. He has managed licensed businesses in the UK and Hong Kong and is highly knowledgeable about their financial regulations. He is currently Chief Operating Officer for Richlink Capital, prior to that he managed the Pan-Asian hedge fund for TT International.