Blockchain Centre is the world’s first non-profit education and knowledge hub dedicated to advancing blockchain adoption. The first was established in 2014 in Melbourne, and to date, our global footprint spans 12 countries and 15 cities including China, Australia, UAE, Singapore, USA, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Lithuania and Colombia. 7+ countries soon to be implemented from 2019-2020, such as Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Finland, Pakistan and India.

Our Mission

Blockchain Centre believes in “Community First” and plays an integral role towards promoting blockchain at a global scale. As a global Blockchain educator, Blockchain Centre is the middle bridge that connects government and regulatory organizations, local universities and young generation community. Blockchain Centre not only introduces high-quality technical talents, but also lays the groundwork for a global ecosystem of blockchain.

15+ countries/regions

50+ start-ups successfully incubated

1000+ events hosted

50,000+ members/participants

Our Platform

Blockchain Centre works towards the purpose of promoting the global development and the adoption of blockchain technology with focus on the following 5 sectors.