Regulators & Institutions Beginning to Take Action on Blockchain Technology

In 2008, an unknown person or persons named Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled the Bitcoin protocol. Ten years later, the industry is beginning to feel like the Institutional Economics in 1993, a time when the world began to understand that the role of human-made institutions in shaping economic behaviour. And after two decades, whether blockchain technology has the ability to change or restructure the social systems, or “institutions”?

Blockchain Centre Shanghai

Blockchain Centre Boot Camp: Delivering new innovations in science and technology to industry incumbents in Shanghai

Blockchain Centre, the world’s first non-profit blockchain knowledge and education hub, has orchestrated this Boot Camp to promote and popularize the blockchain technology and foster blockchain talents.


Blockshine to Volunteer at 2050

Blockshine and Blockchain Centre are proud to announce attendance as volunteer organisations at the annual 2050 event in Hangzhou, China.