Blockshine to Volunteer at 2050


Blockshine and Blockchain Centre are proud to announce attendance as volunteer organisations at the annual 2050 event in Hangzhou, China. The event is the brainchild of Wang Jian, Founder of the Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation & Alibaba Cloud. This unique annual event is entirely run and funded by volunteers and draws in young people from many cultural backgrounds, countries and regions together to discuss the impact of technology on the future.

The event grows bigger each year, with one hundred ‘reunion events’, one hundred ‘exploration zones’ and one hundred discussion forums set to take place during the three-day event. One of the highlights of the event is the option to camp under the stars, which has led to a sea of over 800 tents adorning the grounds of the Alibaba campus.

Blockshine’s CEO, Layla Dong will coordinate a forum with the theme “Globalisation, Progress, Regress and Success”. Guests from Austrade, Swisse Nex and other international institutions have been invited to join a lively discussion on the nature of globalism and the technologies which are making the world a smaller place through connecting people and economies closer together.

Blockchain Centre will host its first Global Reunion at this year’s 2050. The aim is to promote communication between blockchain educators from different backgrounds and cultures to generate new insights concerning the blockchain industry. Blockshine also has an exhibition space, with a transparent live broadcast room symbolising a block in the blockchain which will record the ideas and opinions of participants. Finally, Layla Dong will host a personal meet & greet session for young people wanting to learn more about blockchain and how to turn their business ideas into reality.