Blockshine’s all-in-one blockchain platform covers the entire value chain and drives breakthrough innovation. First in the blockchain industry, with the mission of building a trusted and fairer economy, Blockshine has built the blockchain financial infrastructure that suits the increasingly digitised global economy. By providing financial services and professional technology consulting, Blockshine helps corporations and organisations to optimise their ecosystem with various blockchain-driven initiatives and find their paths in the emerging trust economy.

Primary Market Business

Blockshine is driving breakthrough innovation throughout the entire investing and incubating process for blockchain projects and companies. We create strategic plans to help global projects and companies to build a blockchain ecosystem with globalisation and localisation in their respective jurisdictions.

Investing & Fund-Raising;
Registration & Compliance Legal Services;
Business Model, Token Economy Ecosystem and Branding Consulting;
Consultation with Regulators
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Secondary Market Business

Blockshine secondary market business integrates expertise in Sales and Trading. To offer clients seamless advice and sophisticated solutions. Whether executing OTC transactions, exchange listing, hedging or liquidity service. Blockshine clients are assured to receive comprehensive strategic advice, capital raising and risk management expertise.

Projects Referring
Liquidity Service

Secure Custody Service —— Bastion

Bastion, developed by Blockshine, is a platform that provides settlement, auditing, regulation, standardisation and digital asset management services. Our clients include regulators, financial institutions, blockchain enterprise, digital asset platforms and digital asset holders. BastionPay also provides an innovative payment solution. It is an online and offline payment platform which allow users transfer and trade with a wide range of crypto currencies within a mobile app.

Support more than 100 crypto assets
High secure automated hot & cold wallet system
Provide custodial service of more than USD $500,000,000 in crypto assets.
10,000+ active users.
Instant transfers – avoid volatility.
Zero fee transfers & payments.
Multiple language supported
In-chat transfer
Multiple languages


EXA is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution which aims to integrate blockchain exchanges with institutional stock exchange services. EXA believes that, in addition to having superior applications, the ecosystem is in need of a solution that enables the aggregation of information and support of decision making, which will translate into one platform, accessible by all. EXA is a suite of tools enabling a dashboard and financial-product-comparative experience across a variety of platforms.

Alliance Members:
CCX, BTCEXA, ShineEx, SoarEx, ACX, Daexs

Blockchain Technology Service

Blockshine provides an enterprise-level platform service based on leading blockchain technologies, we empower developers to build a better world with Blockshine. Blockshine’s service is being used by organisations in multiple industries to create blockchain-enabled solutions that automatically verify the integrity and authenticity of digital records at an enterprise-level.

Technology Service Provider
Intellectual Assets
Digital Billing
Supply Chain
New Energy
Smart Contract
Real Estate
TACHION is a next generation blockchain solution purpose-built for the developer community. Through its industry-leading blockchain technology stack, enterprise-ready services and Hyperdrive—a first-of-its-kind blockchain tailor made for DApp customisation. TACHION is uniquely positioned to empower game-changing innovation with unprecedented speed and unlimited scale.
ShineEX is a white label exchange provider connected to the Exchange Alliance (EXA), allowing for instant liquidity. The product is fully customisable & regulatory compliant. ShineEX has already created four of the world’s leading exchanges.

Asset Management

Blockshine is building a comprehensive digital asset management business focused on blockchain infrastructure and crypto investment. At Blockshine, our role is to provide the link between investors, companies and entrepreneurs to discover premium investment propositions in Blockchain related firms and crypto assets. Blockshine’s network and experience in the industry, enables fund managers to identify and screen the best entrepreneurs and companies in a way that individual crypto investors are unable to match. With profound industry insights and advantages, Blockshine is set to be the industry leader in the new crypto asset class.