Small Business Solutions

Exchange Alliance Flagship Listing

List on the Exchange Alliance flagship exchanges and find corporate investment.

Service Details

  • 250,000+ users

  • $100m liquidity pool

  • Preferential listing prices

  • Corporate investor network

  • Blockchain Centre worldwide network

Regulatory Compliance Package

Blockshine has strong relationships with governments and international organisations around the world. With experts who are familiar with dealing with regulators, Blockshine is able to provide you with the best registration and compliance services and help your company stand out from the crowd.

Branding & Website Consulting

Ensure that your brand is a good representation of your project. Engage the most effective demographic and build an identity based on your strengths.

Services Available

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Design

  • Social Media Management and Content Development

  • Marketing Materials Design

  • Copywriting

White Paper Consulting

A good white paper has clear goals, a logical flow and has good data visualisation.

Our team of blockchain experts can fine tune your whitepaper, fact check technical concepts and ensure that it is as attractive as possible to maximise investment into your project.

Product Features

  • White Paper Layout & Design

  • Image Design

  • Project Compliance

  • Token Economy Planning

  • Ecosystem Design

  • Blockchain Technology Solution

  • Language Translation

  • Content Creation

Liquidity Provider (LP)

Source the most professional team to provide the best liquidity for your platform or token.

Service Details

  • Achieve greater price stability

  • Facilitate faster buys and sells

  • More accurate price discovery

Business Model & Blockchain Ecosystem

Create a customised blockchain model or ecosystem to suit your business.

Services Available

  • Operations

    • Trigger growth, lower costs & refine your strategy
  • Risk Management

    • Identify, measure & manage the risks that blockchain poses to your current business model
  • Strategy

    • Tailored solutions to position your business as an industry leader
  • Market Expansion

    • Access new markets through localisation of content and discover the best path to success