Stablecoin Creation

Issue a stablecoin through the Flying Cash platform and take advantage of the low volatility of fiat currencies, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Product Features

  • Avoid bank fees

  • Near instant settlement

  • All transactions trackable and verifiable

  • Backed by fiat currency or physical assets


Custody: Bastion

We are focused on providing standardised cryptocurrency clearing, custody and security services to companies around the world, enabling them to review their financial statements more clearly and comprehensively.

Product Features

  • Up to 80% of digital assets are placed in cold storage

  • Supports hundreds of digital assets

  • Standardised API services

  • Comprehensive accounting functionality


Secure Wallet: BastionPay

A digital asset storage, management, and payment application. Furthermore, it supports a variety of online and offline payment solutions and provides consumer friendly access to multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Product Features

  • Compatible with 200+ digital assets

  • Scan QR codes to make easy payments

  • Bank grade custody of assets

  • Instant messaging functionality with in-chat transfers of assets

  • White label solution available


Blockchain Technology Community - Tachion

TACHION is committed to creating an open, all-inclusive community that puts the needs of developers first. Our members are architects of a vibrant blockchain and DApp ecosystem that is building consensus and establishing long-term trust every day.

Exclusive TACHION Member Benefits include:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Highly secure, stable tech infrastructure

  • Early access to new game-changing applications and projects

  • 360 Marketing and Communications Services


Blockchain Centre

Blockchain Centre brings together computer enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs from various industries, Internet industry executives and high-quality technical talents to build a blockchain talent ecosystem with education as its core, and is committed to building an “Academy” for blockchain technical talents.

Blockchain Centre focuses on the following five pillars

  • Events & Community

  • Education & Training

  • Incubation Program

  • Talent Pool

  • Cross-border Collaboration


Blockchain Technology Service

Build a blockchain platform to fit the needs of your business. Blockchain technology can help businesses to cut costs, streamline processes or create new revenue streams.


  • Banking; Healthcare; Intellectual Assets; IoT;

  • Digital Billing; Supply Chain; Insurance; Certifications;

  • New Energy; Smart Contract; Real Estate; Automotive