Customised Exchange

ShineEX has been a leading provider of regulatory compliant white label exchanges since 2016. Our team of experienced developers have rolled out exchanges in more than ten countries to date. Join an ecosystem which brings leading technologies together to ensure instant liquidity and digital asset security.

Product Features

  • Front End

    • A tailor made user interface designed for a seamless user experience
  • Back End

    • An intuitive management interface with features that make running an exchange simple and easy
  • Trade Matching Engine

    • A powerful low-latency engine which can support up to one million transactions per second
  • Exchange Wallet

    • An ultra secure wallet solution with a 24/7 support team
  • Dedicated Product Manager

    • Project turnaround in just two weeks

Secure Wallet: BastionPay

A digital asset storage, management, and payment application. Furthermore, it supports a variety of online and offline payment solutions and provides consumer friendly access to multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Product Features

  • Compatible with 200+ digital assets

  • Scan QR codes to make easy payments

  • Bank grade custody of assets

  • Instant messaging functionality with in-chat transfers of assets

  • White label solution available


Business Model & Blockchain Ecosystem

Create a customised blockchain model or ecosystem to suit your business.

Services Available

  • Operations

    • Trigger growth, lower costs & refine your strategy
  • Risk Management

    • Identify, measure & manage the risks that blockchain poses to your current business model
  • Strategy

    • Tailored solutions to position your business as an industry leader
  • Market Expansion

    • Access new markets through localisation of content and discover the best path to success