Regulatory Compliance Package

Blockshine has strong relationships with governments and international organisations around the world. With experts who are familiar with dealing with regulators, Blockshine is able to provide you with the best registration and compliance services and help your company stand out from the crowd.

Stablecoin Creation

Issue a stablecoin through the Flying Cash platform and take advantage of the low volatility of fiat currencies, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Product Features

  • Avoid bank fees

  • Near instant settlement

  • All transactions trackable and verifiable

  • Backed by fiat currency or physical assets


Blockchain Centre

Blockchain Centre brings together computer enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs from various industries, Internet industry executives and high-quality technical talents to build a blockchain talent ecosystem with education as its core, and is committed to building an “Academy” for blockchain technical talents.

Blockchain Centre focuses on the following five pillars

  • Events & Community

  • Education & Training

  • Incubation Program

  • Talent Pool

  • Cross-border Collaboration


Business Model & Blockchain Ecosystem

Create a customised blockchain model or ecosystem to suit your business.

Services Available

  • Operations

    • Trigger growth, lower costs & refine your strategy
  • Risk Management

    • Identify, measure & manage the risks that blockchain poses to your current business model
  • Strategy

    • Tailored solutions to position your business as an industry leader
  • Market Expansion

    • Access new markets through localisation of content and discover the best path to success